Submitting files for our free design service:

If you use our design service, please follow the directions during the ordering process.

  • Images:
    Images have a resolution of 300 dpi. You can upload the jpg or jpeg images form your camera for this.
  • Text:
    This is the text you want on your beermats.
  • Comments:
    In this field you can indicate your wishes regarding the layout. Consider, for example: use of color, font, frames, layout, etc.
    The more information we have, the better the design will meet your needs.

Submitting a complete design:

Please use our template if you are making the complete design yourself.
You can easily download the desired template by clicking on it.

Download template beermats ø103 pdf | psd

Download template beermats 93x93mm pdf | psd

Notes regarding the use of our templates:

In the template a layer "Guidelines" had been created with technical guidelines for the design.
Please make sure that the "Guidelines" layer is disabled in the file you upload to us.

Further design guidelines

  • Bleed: With a bleed design, the printing must continue up to this line.
  • Cut-off line: This is the final format on which the beermat will be die-cut.
  • Safety margin: Make sure that important elements (such as texts) that must not be omitted fall within the safety margin.
  • Always convert texts to outlines.
  • We recommend 100% black for black texts and thin lines.
  • We advise to submit black and white images as 100% black (not full colour black).
    This prevents a color cast (due to a register difference at the press).
  • For deep black we advise to build up the black from: 100% black and 40% cyan.
  • Texts may not be less than 7 points.
    We recommend a minimum of 8 points for ornamental and light fonts.
  • Positive lines must not be thinner than 0.5 points.
    Negative lines must not be less than 1 point.
  • Format the file in CMYK.
  • White may not be on overprint (this disappears when printing).
  • We recommend when using a frame or white border, to stay 4mm within the cut-off line.
  • Material deformation can occur during the printing process.
    This means that there is a chance that the print will no longer be perfectly centered after die-cutting.
    This is most noticable in designs with an edge that is parallel to the cut line.
  • For images, use  CMYK with a resolution of 300 dpi.
  • Maximum file size is 10Mb.
  • Save the file as a PDF. Save as PDF with profile PDF / X-1a: 2001.
  • Submit the files as seperate pages (1 PDF per beermat).

Any questions?

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